All year we will be hosting conversations, panels and workshops, giving presentations and making documentaries about the idea and experience of Disability Pride. 

In the video below, The Story Behind Disability Pride 2017, we started a conversation about Pride in the Community Inclusion Movement. We looked at the history of our movement and other civil rights movements and then we went out and talked about it. For other groups, discovering Pride was an important step on their path towards acceptance and inclusion. Are we ready for it? 



Carla Qualtrough, Canada's Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, sent us a video message just before our June 15th Celebration and March, saying she wished she could be there with us and that she particularly like that one of the main ways we are encouraging people to celebrate Disability Pride 2017 is through conversation. "I think this is a great idea! In fact, I have just released a report to share what we learned through conversations with Canadians asking what an accessible Canada mens to them”.

On June 16th, the day after the March, we had a public open space to talk about how people felt after participating in the celebration and march and showed Minister Qualthrough's video in the meeting. We filmed what people had to say after seeing this video to them from Minister with a disability and made our own video message and sent it back to her.


What comes to mind when you hear the word disability? Do you like the term disability? Why or why not?

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